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Active Homes

Taking part in our Active Homes initiative is a sure way to get everyone in your family going! The definition of an Active Home is a household where everyone engages in 30 minutes of daily physical activity. That activity can be as simple as climbing the stairs during TV commercial breaks or playing energetic music while housecleaning. Everyone can participate – You can get the whole family involved by going for a walk after supper in the evening.

Families with infants (0-18 months) will find useful information in this video clip, (aussi en français) and those with toddlers aged 24-48 months can get information from this video, (aussi en français).

Seniors can also get involved with this video.

Active Transportation 

The Active Transportation movement focuses on the promotion of any form of human powered (non-motorized) transportation including walking, cycling, roller-blading, cross country skiing, skateboarding, etc. It differs from running, walking and other forms of self-propelled transport for leisure and fitness in that it leads to a specific physical destination.

You can get involved in the Active Transportation initiative by taking part in PEI Active’s annual Commuter Challenge. This national program aims to increase the awareness of the benefits of sustainable commuting and to encourage Canadians to take action by walking, cycling, using public transit, carpooling or tele-working rather than driving one-passenger vehicles to and from work. Please visit the  Commuter Challenge website for more information, or click here for information about the School Travel Planning Program.

Active Leisure 

Leisure can be defined as “time off work” or “time to play”; it’s the time we have left when our obligations have been met. With busier than ever schedules and today’s technology, our leisure time is getting shorter and being used in a very passive way. This can create a very sedentary lifestyle, so it’s important that we concentrate on using our leisure time to engage in physical activity. By converting only 30 minutes of our leisure time each day to active leisure, we will begin to receive the benefits of good health.

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